This website is intended for Video Surveillance Integrators and Technicians, as well as Life-Safety or Security Consultants.

            To learn more about your Community's Emergency Response Portal (ERP), visit the Emergency Response Portal.

As the Emergency Response Portal (ERP) continues to be embraced by communities, an incredible opportunity for video surveillance technicians and life-safety/security consultants exists.

ERP is a New Standard in the Continuum of Public Safety.

ERP is a technology solution that quickly connects the 911 Emergency Services with the critical information they need about a property, facility or commercial retail and office tenants during emergencies. This includes access to live video images from surveillance cameras.

That’s where you come in.

Become a Certified ERP Professional

As ERP continues to grow, ERP Certified Professionals are in high demand to on-board existing surveillance cameras to the Emergency Response Portal (ERP). Becoming an ERP Certified Professional will not only give you an edge over the competition – it represents a significant new income stream.

Only ERP Certified Professionals can on-board new or existing surveillance cameras onto the ERP system. Distinguish yourself by being in the first wave certified.